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Utilizing our MarkForged Mark 2 professional 3d printer, we can print nylon material and embed layers of fiberglass, Kevlar, or carbon fiber in different geometries for added strength. The carbon fiber embedded material has a similar structural strength to that of 6061 aluminum (aluminum cannot be printed). Our technician can work with you, using our Eiger software, to design a piece that fits your personal need.

Our max build size is: 320mm x 132mm x 154mm (X, Y, Z)

Check out these sites for more detailed information on what we can do:

Printer Link- https://markforged.com/mark-two/

Materials Link- https://markforged.com/materials/

"Printed" Chain - Strength Test
Our 3-D Printer
MarkForged Mark 2 Professional 3-D Printer
Software Example Piece Printed on the 3d printer
An Eiger Software screen shot of a complex geometry part we made for the ITRSS group
First several few pieces that were printed
Various items printed using the 3-D Printer