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Utilizing our MarkForged Mark 2 professional 3d printer, we can print nylon material and embed layers of fiberglass, Kevlar, or carbon fiber in different geometries for added strength. The carbon fiber embedded material has the same structural strength as 6061 aluminum.  Our technician can work with you, using our Eiger software, to design a piece that fits your personal need.

Our max build size is: 320mm x 132mm x 154mm (X, Y, Z)

Check out these sites for more detailed information on what we can do:

Printer Link- https://markforged.com/mark-two/

Materials Link- https://markforged.com/materials/

"Printed" Chain - Strength Test
Our 3-D Printer
MarkForged Mark 2 Professional 3-D Printer
Software Example Piece Printed on the 3d printer
An Eiger Software screen shot of a complex geometry part we made for the ITRSS group
First several few pieces that were printed
Various items printed using the 3-D Printer