Waterjet Cutting Services

Pricing and Usage Information

We Have The Experience

Energetic materials, rock characterizatin and geomechanics students, faculty, and research staff have worked with waterjet technology since 1968 and have helped advance many of its uses. Our equipment can cut a wide variety of materials - commercially, waterjet technology is used to cut materials ranging from lettuce and cheesecakes to composites and metals. Our current machine operates at 45,000 psi, while our new machine will be running at 60,000psi. At EMRGE we have a wealth of knowledge in modeling design, abrasive qualities and depth control, as well as other aspects of high pressure waterjet cutting.

Waterjet Action pic - Industry Day Medallion
Industry Day Medallion- finished product from waterjet
Galecki smoothing the Millennium Arch with handheld waterjet
Action shot of Millennium Arch being cut on the x-y cutting table

Our Capabilities

Our current waterjet capabilities on material size are dimensionally 26” x 52” with our OMAX machine, but we will have our new WARD jet machine up and running in the next month which can handle 60” x 60” material.

Omax Waterjet
WARDjet waterjet

Waterjet Usage Fees

OMAX & WARD Waterjet              $331/hr. or $5.52/min.

PARS Waterjet                                   $576/hr. or $9.60/min.

  • Abrasive, if utilized, is an additional $0.50/lb used.
  • Discount pricing available for Missouri S&T projects.
Millennium Arch Figures in the rain
The Millennium Arch - at Missouri S&T
Stonehenge - at Missouri S&T
S&T Seal
Missouri S&T Official Seal
Example of precision cutting
Mountain Dew Can cut with waterjet without
The waterjet cut through the Mountain Dew can without bending the metal
Piece cut using our waterjet
Sketch turned to reality using the waterjets
Sketch on a napkin from Edwina Sandys digitized and cut into granite piece left over from the Millennium Arch
Example of detail and precision cuts capable with the waterjet
MO Geological Survey sign
MO Geological Survey Sign- map cut with abrasive jets, lettering incised in granite by the jet
Ammunition Shell safely dissected using the waterjet

Download the Waterjet Service Brochure.