About EMRGe

Our Mission

The Energetic Materials, Rock Characterization, and Geomechanics Research Center (EMRGe) is a multidisciplinary research institution addressing the many complex geomechanical challenges identified in different subsurface engineering disciplines whilst building the expanding the research efforts of energetic materials and combining them in joint subterranean exploration and national defense efforts.

Center History

In 1964 the creation of Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center was established by Dr. George Clark. Originally RMERC was housed in the Buehler building on Rolla Street and moved into this site over a period of time. 

In 1974 the Waterjet Technology Lab was created by Dr. David A. Summers at RMERC. Dr. Summers and RMERC are known all around the world for water jetting technology and research.

In 2016 RMERC students competed against other university teams in a contest at the International Manufacturing Technology Show to see which team could correctly assemble a waterjet cutting system in the fastest time. Our team won the contest and with it the prize of a WARDjet and accessories valued at $89,000.
therolladailynews.com     wardjet.com/missouri-s-and-t-ribbon-cutting.


In 2019 Dr. Andreas Eckert was named the new Center director and changed the name of the center to Energetic Materials, Rock Characterizaiton and Geomechanics. The name change was done to reflect on the primary focus and emphasis on research that is done by the current researchers. 

The goals of the EMRGe Research Center  are:

1. Investigate critical scientific/societal challenges
2. Encourage interdisciplinary research and scholarship
3. Promote community engagement, awareness, and support student learning 

Strategic Plan